WD10SPZX HDD 1To SATA 6Gb : External HDD to Internal HDD for MacBook Pro 13 Mid 2010

Morning everyone,

How are you? I have an external HDD Transcend:
Transcend HDD
S/N F75037-2875
Model: TS1TSJ25M3S

In this last one, I have the WD10SPZX HDD 1To SATA 6Gb. I extract this hard drive from this pocket and put it in my MacBook Pro 13 mid-2010. But the system of my MacBook Pro 13 does not recognize him. I format this HDD to macOS extended journalized.

Where is the issue to fix for this WD10SPZX HDD 1To SATA 6Gb?

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Does someone have an idea to make this WD10SPZX HDD 1To SATA 6Gb/s be an internal hard drive for a MacBook Pro 13 mid-2010 where I will install the macOS High Sierra?