WD10EFRX in NAS. For the least wear: enable power timer / spindown OR run 24/7?

I’m awaiting delivery of my two new WD Red WD10EFRX for my NAS (Netgear Readynas Duo v1, RAID-1).

I am not so much interested in the difference in noise or power consumption, but I would really like to hear your opinion on the amount of wear that a drive like the WD10EFRX would experience from the NAS’s power timer and/or spindown options (at nighttime), as opposed to leaving the drives spinning 24/7.

What would be the best choice? The goal is to maximize the drive lifespan and minimize the risk of failure of course! 


Hi, It is always better to let the hard drives spindown if you are not using them. 

Source please.