wd10ears new OS/mobo install doesn't see the drive / ask for driver

I’m building a new pc using a supermicro x8sax mobo. Plugging in the new wiped wd10ears and starting the windows install . Windows 7 install gets to a point where it asks for the driver for the drive. Is this something that has to be on the mobo as WD states that they don’t provide drivers for their drives. Or is there somewhere I can download a driver to install at this point?

   If I plug in an old WD3200 drive that has windows already installed on it it works fine.

Hi normally when this happens Windows is looking for the sata controller driver not a hard drive driver. Although this board has a Intel ICH10R SATA  Controller you would think Windows 7 would have it already. I see there is a driver on there site for the sata controller though.