WD10EARS - need help please

Hi all. I have this drive & have read all I can on the issue of it being slow. The drive is used as a slave drive containing data/movies in a XP Pro system. I used Acronis Align Tool & confirmed that the drive is optimally aligned.  However, it is very slow compared to my other (older ATA) slave drives in the same system. I am not very technically inclined & don’t know what to do next. I used PC Wizard to extract the following drive info. Would REALLY appreciate if anyone can tell me how to make the hdd work as it should. Thanks. 

General Information

      Disk Type : Hard Disk

      Peripheral Type : SCSI

      Manufacturer : WDC WD10                                                        

      Model : EARS-00Y5B1                                                     

      Free Space : 88%

    >> Drive Information

      Volume Name : 1TB

      Serial Number : 9ADD-2662

      Files Name : 255

      File Management : NTFS

      Volume is Compressed : No

      Case Sensitive Search : Yes

      Preserves Filename Case : Yes

      Unicode Filenames : Yes

      Access Control List : Yes

      Named Streams : Yes

      Object Identifiers : Yes

      Reparse Points : Yes

      Sparse Files : Yes

      User Disk Quotas : Yes

      Individual File Compression : Yes

      Encryption : Yes

      Share : Unspecified

    >> Logical Features

      Sectors per Cluster : 8

      Bytes per Sector : 512

      Cluster size : 4  KB

      Free Clusters : 213692344

      Total Clusters : 244190207

    >> Physical Features

      Cylinders : 121601

      Heads : 255

      Sectors per Track : 63

      Bytes per Sector : 512

Solved my own problem.