WD10EARS doesn't seem to be working

Hey guys,

Can someone give me some help with my WD10EARS drive, I haven’t really used it for some time due to these issues and just had it unplugged, but still mounted in my system.  Yesterday, I hooked it back up to transfer some files to and from it (it’s a backup drive), and everything worked perfectly.  However, I’ve turned my system on today and it took FOREVER to load up, and the drive is now inaccessible.  I’ve had to unplug it again to stop my system from stalling.  Is there anyway to check why it’s being a pain like this?  I suspect I may have used and abused it when I bought it a few years ago, but I have barely used it for a good while.  Would it be a potential problem in the future and should I consider a replacement, probably not so green maybe?

Secondly, I know this part is not relevant to this section but I have the exact same issue with an external WD drive as well. Only difference is, I can access it for a few seconds and then it doesn’t work and disconnects.  This drive is newer than my HDD as well, and not as used so I haven’t a clue why it’s not working anymore.

Any help is highly appreciated.

Hi you can run the WD data lifeguard test program you can get it here. http://support.wd.com/product/download.asp?groupid=608&lang=en

Thanks for the help, but I’ve never found any of the WD applications helpful in any way. In fact, I’ve just tested the application you’re recommended to me, and when my WD10EARS drive is unplugged, runs fine. Plug the problematic drive in, half my system freezes (ie. iTunes is not longer responding) and when I run the diagnostic tool again, it just freezes and doesn’t open even though it’s registered in my processes. Once I unplug the drive, all these problems disappear. =/