WD10eals not showing up disk management Windows 7

i just upgraded to Windows 7 ultimate. I have 2 striped 250g sata running my OS. 1 IDE 150gb as back up and another 1TB SATA as back up.  all my drives are reconized in my BIOS and all but my 1TB WD is showing up in my disk management and device management. All my drives have been formated and partitioned at one point, everything have data on them from my last OS its just when i did a clean install of win 7 on my striped drives my 1 TB will not show up anywhere in windows.

I even downloaded a few programs to see it they could detect the drive and no luck. I know the drive is working wince i was usung it 2 days agao before i installed the new OS. and it is shown in the bios, plus i can feel the disk spinning on the inside of the drive.

any help i been banging my head for 2 days

FYI my mobo is a Asus a8n32 sli delux with the most up to date non bata bios

UPDATE. connected my drive to a External hotswap bay pluged it in to the E-SATA and it showed up got all my files off of it. I then Formated it and connected it internatly and nothing is showing up in disk management. But is still shwoing in my BIOS

OK long story. I  found out my MOBO a8n32SLI deluxe does not support Windows 7, so after days of trying to get my second SATA drive to show up I say #$%@  it these has to be a problem with the OS and multiple SATA drives… IM putting XP 64 on. I install XP 64 and some drivers from Nvidia, thinking I need some Raid controller or IDE drivers for my drive to show up in Disk management. I install a driver pack that has MideaShield with it, after its installed I check it out and it sees my 1TB SATA. It asks me if I want to make the drive active :-), yes I do!  Then for some reason it takes off the Partition and makes it a dynamic drive, $%#@. after running getdataback 4.0 (4 hrs) I get all my files back throw them on my c drive then format and partition my 1TB SATA. I then restart my pc and for some reason my 1TB is now seen as a Nvidia JBOD drive during Boot…I never seen 2 drives listed during start up only my Nvidia stripe. So I put in my windows 7 cd and run it and it now sees all my drives, my 1TB SATA, my striped 500G and my 150 IDE. I install Win 7 go to disk management and BAM its shows up with a drive letter and is ready to go.

Im not 100% sure how and why this all worked they way it did and why it needed to have to be done this way for windows 7 to see a already formatted and partitioned drive on its OS but for me or for many others I guess it does. Not to sure what a JBOD format or driver setup is so thats next on my list to look up