WD10EACS - 07D6B0 - controller board component identification


I have a WD10EACS on which one of the components on the controller board has fried.  I tried the controller off another WD10EACS I have, and the drive span up ok but wasn’t recognised.  I am just looking for anyone that has a WD10EACS - 07D6B0 that would be willing to sell it, or even just loan me the controller board to see if it worked.

kind regards.

2010_05_02 17.56.32.jpgFrom having a wee read around I think that the component that has gone is a  Transient Voltage Suppression diode.  I can’t quite make out the model numbers on it though.  Could anyone suggest what the right component might be?  It looks like a solder job even I could manage if I had the right part :smileyvery-happy:  I think it says GP836 along the bottom, and there is a VU top right, and the middle line has AE on it

After a bit more reading in these forums I found that cutting the diode off was an option.  Did that, drive fired up and read.  WOOO HOOOO!

cheers to the various posters in other threads.

“GP836” is indicating that the part was manufactured during week 36 of 2008. “AE” is the marking code for a 5V TVS diode. For continued protection, you can substitute it with an SMAJ5.0A.

Congratulations BTW.