WD10EACS-00ZJB0 drive controller essue

Hi All!

I have a 1 Tb WD10EACS-00ZJB0 model HDD.

The controller of the drive has been damaged and I can not read my data from the drive.

The controller has the following identification number:

PCB Sticker: 2061-701474-600 01P XC 4H09 14UH K 0004320 8324

PWB 2060-701474-004 REV A.

I have another operable controller with the following identification number:

PCB Sticker: 2061-701474-600 01P XC 4H09 2CLP L 00 04 302 9354

PWB 2060-701474-004 REV A,  which I have tryed to use as a replacement.

but it doesn’t work as well, I can see the hdd in my computer’s BIOS with 0 Tb mamory capacity.

Kindly ask your assistance to solve  the essue.

Thank you.



In what way has your PCB been damaged?

Be aware that most modern HDDs store unique, drive specific “adaptive” information in a serial EEPROM chip. This chip, or its contents, needs to be transferred from patient to donor. In WD drives, this chip is usually located at U12.

The following PCB suppliers offer a firmware transfer service, either for free, or for US$10:


I would advise that you avoid those suppliers who don’t tell you that a board won’t work without modification. Often they will attempt to obscure the requirement for a firmware transfer by deceptively describing their products as being “for data recovery only”.

Alternatively, if you are not adept at soldering, your local TV/AV repair shop should be able to transfer the chip for you.

Onepcbsolution.com also offer a firmware transfer service for US$20 if you have purchased your board from a different supplier:


Some PCBs do not have a discrete serial flash memory chip. Instead they store the adaptive data inside the Marvell MCU (the largest chip). In this case you will need a “PCB adaptation” service.

If this is your PCB …


… then U12 is vacant and you require an “adaptation service”. If you intend to do this, then let me know, as there are currently some problems with a particular vendor whom I have previously been recommending.

Thank you very much for your prompt and detailed answer.

My  case is the second one, the controller doesn’t have U12 chip, so I will need “adaptation service”.

I think the controller was damaged because of high temperature/power issue. There are some blackened areas on the back side of the controller (E9-E66-E19, E5-E36).

Again need your help.


Does your drive spin up with the original board? If so, then in most cases the board will be OK. Yours is an exception in that it uses a Marvell 88i6745-TFJ1 MCU which is afflicted with a “head mimic” fault. That is, the drive behaves like it has a head fault, but the PCB is actually to blame.

BTW, the dark areas at J2 at the rear of the PCB are due to oxidisation:

I believe this is a consequence of materials changes mandated by RoHS. You should be able to clean up the discolouration by gently rubbing it with a soft white pencil eraser. This is particularly important at J1 (the HDA contacts) on the component side.