wd100fals rma

Just received my RMA’d Hard drive. Transfered my data to it. Lost most of my Data. Failed within 24 hrs. Im venting. Im pissed. Going to the post office to send back the bad drive. My original drive I had 4 months before failure. This replacement drive has bad blocks everywhere. BADBADBAD. **bleep** why did I buy this drive? I hope they do me right. I bought this drive for a data backup. I was lucky to save everything before I sent the original in. Now I’m not so lucky. I tested the drive before I transfered my data to it. What a ■■■■■■ I am. Irreplacable stuff is gone.  :frowning: I have been patient. I am not happy at all.

Contact WD and ask them to ship you another model, they will do it.

yeah, don’t just send back the drive.  contact them first.  give them a piece of your mind while you’re at it (even though the drive could have been damaged in shipping.  I had a friend watch a ups driver throw his replacement drive over the fence on to his doorstep).  but no matter, they should take care of you.