WD1003FZEX SATA HDD showing as SSD in Dell Perc S100


I have a Dell server that has a Perc S100 RAID controller. Two WD1003SZEX Black 1tb drives were fitted and they have been running fine for the last several years.
Then one of the disks developed bad sectors. The disk was extracted. The model number obtained - and a disk of the same model ordered.
This disk arrived and was connected up, but the RAID controller won’t add it to the RAID set as it says it is an SSD and therefore not compatible.
Therefore, as it most certainly isn’t an SSD - something has gone astray.
Is there any possibility that the older disk is 512 byte but the newer one of the same model is 4096 byte?? I can’t check this myself without removing the disk from the server, but I imagine this might fool the RAID controller into thinking it might be an SSD?
Is there any difference in firmware that might cause this?? Again, I can’t check whilst the drive is behind the RAID controller. I know WD don’t provide firmware for non-enterprise drives so if this is a factor, I could be in real trouble!
Is there anything else that might cause this?
Any suggestions gratefully received.


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