WD1003FZEX not recognized in USB 3.0 external enclosure

I recieved this hard drive as a gift and put it in a new Protronix E35-B enclosure. Neither my desktop (Windows 10) or laptop (Windows 7) show the drive in disk management when connected with the USB cable. I have successfully connected the drive to my desktop internally, initialized it and created a partition, so I know the drive works. I have two other hard drives that will connect with this enclosure, so it seems this isn’t an issue with the enclosure.

When the hard drive is connected with the USB cable it will show up in the devices and printers as an Ext. HDD. I am getting an error in the device manager under the USB controllers for this drive only, as the other two will connect without any issues.

I have uninstalled this and let the computer reinstall it, but that has not helped. Any ideas why this drive isn’t working?

Hi, what size are the other hard drives? Are you sure the enclosure supports 1 TB drive? is it a powered enclosure?

The two drives that work are a 3.5" WD Green 1 TB (WD10EVCS, 6 yrs old), and a 2.5" 500 GB Dell laptop hard drive. It is a powered enclosure that supports up to 6 TB drives.

I ordered a new enclosure and this one worked with the WD1003FZEX. I don’t have any good reasons for choosing the one I did, other than it didn’t require any tools. The enclosure that worked with this drive was the ORICO Toolfree USB 3.0 to SATA External Hard Drive Enclosure.