WD1002FAEX SATA 3 6GB on Gigabyte X58 UD#

Hi guys need some help.

Good day I have just purchased 2 x these drives and it is only recognized when the jumpers are completely out of the drive.
I set initially, the jumper to 3/4 - enable PUIS but this failed to be recognized by the computer.
It is only recognized when the jumper is completely removed but I dont know if this is SATA 3 or SATA 2 by default.

I thought the setting of 3/4 PUIS was to enable SATA 3.
I have it plugged into the SATA 3 port on the motherboard at all times.
Please help.
I want this to run at SATA 3 speeds
How would one confirm that SATA 3 is being achieved?


Jumpers 5 & 6 are sata2 3.0. If you have no jumper on then it is default sata 6.0. Mine does the same thing it stalls at boot if i choose PUIS also.

Does your drives make dm noises as in above normal sounds? Mine gets pretty loud at random times and is rather annoying. Would like to see if you possibly have the same sounds.

Hi thanks for the reply. So basically it is native 6G/sec? I am not sure abuot volume or noises but will check today. I think from what I can hear so far, it is quiet but I have just installed the O/S so cant really say. I will monitor it and reply as I go along. Is there any benchmark tool that will show if it is running at 6gb/sec? Thanks

Yes you are correct it is default sata 6.0. These are the two i use for test.

Crystal Diskmark


HDTune Pro