WD1002FAEX RAID 0 Performance Question

I installed two 1TB WD1002FAEX drives in RAID 0 and then installed Windows 7 Pro. I just found out WD answer# 1138 says to first set the raid to performance before installing the os. I’m not sure if I did that. Is there a way to check this? And if I switch it to permance, it says I have to reinstall the os. Is the performance speed really any faster than the default setting, in other words is it worth reinstalling windows in performance if it’s running ok?

Are you using the WD RAID controller?

Not sure I set this up as a small time server in an office with 3 systems. It seems to be running slower than when I set it up. I just afraid if I enter the rais setup and change it to performance-if it isn’t already, then I’ll have to reinstall windows.