WD1002FAEX issues

Been having odd issues with this drive, even setup RMA but then reformatted the drive and it started behaving itself.  Now its back to occasionally throwing errors, I get those atapi event 11 errors and when I check the drive with the WD utility, it won’t even start the SMART test.  What confuses me, there are no reallocation sectors or other errors I can see in the smart data.  I’ve changed my SATA cable, even switched ports on my motherboard from the AMD SATA to the Marvell SATA port and same issues.

Ok, the drive has a bad block, why doesn’t it block it and remap?  Why doesn’t smart report this?

Anyone know if I can extend an RMA or do I just need to get a new one?

The drive most likely needs to be replaced.  I’d look into setting up an RMA.