WD1002FAEX drive still eligible for RMA?

Hello. In 2012 I purchased a new WD Black 1TB drive - until last week hdd working fine without any problems, when suddenly my Windows 7 froze without reason, after restart my pc refused to boot. I tried to reinstall operating system on the same wd black drive without any success, on my older WD HDD OS install without problem on the same hardware, that let me to think that my hdd is stopped working.
I decided to get out hdd from the case, then i saw this - small black spot in the bottom left of the hdd pcb - here is actual picture of the problem:
My main question is this drive still eligible for WD RMA process, all stickers are intact and wd serial number check return that my drive have 2 more years warranty left.

Hello there:

You can check the warranty policies here:

In any case if you have any doubts about this, you can contact support and see if that way they can clear this out for you:

Thank you for response ArMark, I will contacts WD Support tomorrow. :slightly_smiling: