WD1002FAEX 00Z3A0 don't recognize as Sata 3

Hello everyone, recently i’m having problems with detection of sata 3 using this HDD in my motherboard Asus P6X58D-E.
Recalling that he was functioning normally more than a year as Sata 3 and works perfectly on Sata 2 port.

I Tested this:

  1. Remove the jumper … NOT SUCESS
  2. Update Bios from last version (0701) … NOT SUCESS
  3. Change the Sata 3 port … NOT SUCESS
  4. Tested with three Sata 3 data cable … NOT SUCESS
  5. Update the Marvell 88SE9128 Sata 6G Controller in DOS … SUCESS BUT NOT RECOGNIZE
  6. Refresh speed rate using the tool called Wdsspd in DOS … SUCESS BUT NOT RECOGNIZE

Well, is this, i lost 3 hours trying and not works, anybody help me with this, i really thank you.

You can also try connecting the HDD on another PC, if that doesn’t work, replace it.