WD10000LSRTL 2nd new drive ( < 36 hours running) failure

What going wrong here?

Just had a 2nd Caviar Black 1TB WD10000LSRTL die with less than 36 hours of run time.

Purchased a new WD10000LSRTL to replace a WD5000CSRTL that I use in an external enclosure for backups and temporary storage.

Connected the new drive using a Rosewill SATA/IDE USB Adaptor (model RCW618).
The power supply that comes with the Rosewill is rated at 12v 2000ma, 5v 2000ma.
Old drive is in an IcyDock SATA enclosure.
New drive is sitting in open air (62 degrees F) on top of the silicon drive protector provided with the Rosewill Adaptor.

TerabyteUnlimited BootIt™ Next Generation Partition Tools.

Using TerabytUnlimited’s Partition Tools I copied a single FAT partion (~60GB) to the new drive successfully.
Done working for the day, I shut off computer and drive for the night.
Next day, the drive would not spin up. On appling power it makes a low buzz for about one second followed immediately by a short (1/10th second) higher pitch buzz. It repeats these two sounds about every two seconds. After three of four such cycles and still no sound of the spindle motor, I shut it off. I try applying power a couple more times with the same results.

I return the drive to the retail store for a replacement and start over.

I’ve been working on computers and hard drives professionally since the early 1980s, so I’m always careful to protect my hard drives from heat, shock and static, but this time I’m even more careful.

On applying power to the new drive, I notice the new drive makes the same low, then high buzz before the spindle motor starts turning. The drive spins up fine and is recognized by my system.
This time I copied two partions (one FAT, one NTFS) (total about 400GB) to the new drive using the same tools. Again, I shut it off, as it will be an other day before I have time to work with it.
When I again apply power, I get the same problem as with the first drive. Spindle motor won’t turn, drive makes repeated buzz noises as described above.

Any suggestions on what might be causing this is much appriciated.
I’ve purchased dozens of WD drives in the past and have always been satisfied.
What’s up with these new drives?


Did you ever get a resolution on this?