wd10000h1u-00 not working


i have bought one tb wd10000h1u-00 in australia there is was working fine now i have came to india when i connect to my pc and plug it on the LED os the drive glows but doent blink as it does there and in xp its showing usb not recognised and in windows 7 when i saw in device manager it is showing device as initio combo device class but no drive is shown in my computer.

please help me out i have very imp data in it.

thanks in advance

davinder saini

I have a similar problem with the same model, few days back when i tried to connect it with my new “WD Live Player” the HDD didn’t show any sign of switching on, I thought the adapter is not working so I bought a new adapter with 12v, then the HDD showed the blue LED light but the computer won’t recogonise it, even the “WD Live Player” won’t recognise it and the LED also is not blinking as it used to blink before it just stays still. 

If the problem cannot be fixed at least tell me how can I recover all my data from it which is very precious for me.

PS : the HDD was bought from KSA (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) approximately a year ago.


Did you do all the troubleshooting?  Is windows fully update with optional update and make sure you are running the latest drivers on your Windows?

Is power connected to a wall outlet.   did you try a different USB cable and power supply if you have

Did you try it on another computer?


Was it working before you tried to connect it to the WDTV Live?  Your not telling the whole picture.  you just stated that you tried to connect it to a live then you needed to get a new power supply for it and then the light came on. So was it working before?  If you need your data if its out of warranty you can disassemble the unit.   The drive inside the enclosure is a 3.5 probably a SATA.  just connect it internally to your computer and get your data provided the drive did not fail.  if the drive failed then its time for DATA RECOVERY.

yes it was working alright before I connected to WDTV, well then yesterday I took the adapter of WDTV as it had the same voltage required by the HDD and amazingly it started working with it, I don’t know why it won’t work with the other adapter as it also has a output of 12v and the positive and the negative ports are in  correct positions.