WD10 EZRZ 1Tb 'Blue' - some.. err.. problems?

Good night!

Few days ago I bought two hard drives. Both are WD Blue, both are WD10EZRZ, both are 1Tb HDD.

I tested them using HD Tune and Victoria 3.52 and and received the discouraging results:

First disk:
Firmware: 01.01A01

HD Tune results (consistent with an interval of a few minutes):

Second disk:
Firmware: 80.00A80

HD Tune results (consistent with an interval of a few minutes):

Victoria linear read test results:

(will be in comment… )

The seller answers to my questions, that it is absolutely normal situation.

Which device is faster?

Which device is more reliable?

Is this seek rate normal for this model?

It is this case warranty?

Thank you.

Sorry for large images.
Sorry, my english is poor.

Victoria seek rate results


Second disk have lesser access time (14 ms VS 17 ms), better average transfer rate, but MORE 50ms seek events (161 vs 127).

Perhaps it would be best to contact WD Support about this. You can do so over the phone or via E-mail.