wd10 EZRX formated with win7 not recognized by winxp


I just purchased an WD10 EZRX  1T disk to use it as a spare disk . I connected as an external disk to my laptop that has win7 and I partitioned as ntfs mrb and I formatted. I copied many gb and after that I connected it as internal disk to my desktop with winxp professional .The bios detects it , the device manager ok , I can see it in my computer but when I click it tells me that I have to format it. After many tries I decide to partition it and format it with Winxp .I did it , I copied many files but when I connected  it to my laptop with win7 the system says that I have to format it!!! And this  strange loop continue. What I can do , i just want to use it with both pcs…



This issue could be a problem related to the external enclosure

Windows XP doesn’t have any problems with native external 1TB hard drives

Take a look at this link.

Installing a WD SATA, SAS, or PATA drive in an external USB/NAS enclosure or Personal Video Recorder 

Also remember to eject the hard drive before you disconnect it from the PC

I suspect that the external enclosure may be configured with 4KB sectors. When you remove the drive from such an enclosure you expose its native 512e sectors, rendering the file system inaccessible. You will still see sector 0 where the partition table resides, but every other sector will be displaced by a factor of 8.

You can use the following command to report the sector size:

fsutil fsinfo ntfsinfo X:

… where X is the drive letter.