Wd xternal hdd

HI,I am getting the same error codes as some of the poeple on this forum (status= 7), (error 97) is this what i think it is that i

have wasted hard earned money on this X-HDD and it is only less then  year old,but these problems quite awhile ago.

I have a feeling it would be better to use a USB DRIVE than a X-HDD they are are supposed to be less vulnerable rough handling its probabaly out of warranty anyway.

Iran the dianogstics on it and it took 6.5 hours to run and stopped at 912GB and 10 minutes to go,left it running for 20 minutes still did not complete.

Well i decided to erase HDD right now it will take about 8hrs to finish with the ones and zeros is time frame normal.

One thing i see when i look at the diagnostics site is it only shows 500GB for drive (g) but it shows almost 1TB  on counter as it is running the erase program,also this now has WIN 7 installed and when i plugged XTERNAL HDD in it said it did not reconize WIN 7 what difference would it make which WINDOWS OS you are running.

When i started on this forum unless i am mistaken these PASSPORTS are i piiece of junk too many people are having the same problem i have right now and trying to get a (RMA) would be an up hill battle and this HDD is only about 1yr. old.

The erase should be done about 6am this morning and then i will do a diagnostics looking for bad sectors.

Well i just finished running the erase program and much to my surprise it said passed do not believe it we will see,now my question is before i hook it up to my DELL E 521 to back up that HDD will i need to install any firmware/software of any kind

Also does it make a difference if the OS that is being used is WINXP OR WIN 7 to me the external HDD should not care.


You don’t need to install any software in order to make the drive work. It should function just by plugging it into your computer.

thank you

HI,Well i plugged in the WD external HDD NOTHING HAPPENED so i had nothing to lose and reformatted as NTFS i do not

if that was the right thing to do but to me it gave me a clean slate to work with.

One thing i have not got down in my little mind is how to transfer data from the WINXP OS like files and other data,the disk

manager says there are 465GB of free space on HDD now would like to able backup both of my DELL PC’S bascily put everything from both PC’S on to the WD HDD.

I know there are youtube videos to do this but wanted to make sure i was going in the right direction with this WD HDD.

Well i found a youtube video on how to transfer files from PC TO external HDD now my only question is,is there faster way to transfer all of the files at once instead of one file at a time "as in select all " type of doing it,thanks