WD X4 transfer to WD DL4100

I had to buy a new WD NAS storage device. I own the older one the EX4 with 24tb (RED DRIVES) on it.
This old unit is going to another location but I want to transfer all the DATA on it to my new one, the DL4100. Can I just remove the drives from EX4 and install on the DL4100 without any problems?

Thank you


That might not work properly since those units are different products and have a different firmware information.

You might need to transfer the data from the DX to the DL.

Because you are using an eX4 and DL4100 you might want to post your question, if you haven’t done so already, to one or the other dedicated support subforum for those two devices:



Thank you, I will do that.

Hum… ok.
I have chosen to use the EX4 as JBOD, so, each of the 4 drives are independent (as far I understood).
I will have to find a definitive answer or make same tests with empty drives…

Thank you