WD wont work after update?

I had backed up all 3 of my PCs with my WD 500 GB essential Book. I decided to wipe the WD and update my firmware and software for the WD. I downloaded and installed the software succesfully. I rebooted the WD but now it wont do any backups… WTH? Any word from WD on this problem?

OOOOPs now  I see there are others with the same problem. I should have read up… Sorry

But still, why would WD update their product and hose all of their customers? I have bought WD for a long time. Why would they treat customers like this?

Looks like there is a fix to this. After calling customer service ( 1800-275-4932) I was asked to go into disk management and delete the drive partition  (G)the drive will show as a black bar (in XP ) ,right click on black bar and delete,then, quick format the drive NTFS. The bar will turn blue and then you can access the drive.