WD White (white LED) no webAdmin access


I have a WD MyBook (1TB) white.  I started it after 2 years, plugged it (ethernet) to my macbook.
I can access to the disk (Public) using finder, but I cannot backup (time Machine) anymore.

I cannot connect to the admin web interface using bonjour.  The name of my disk is “Blanc”.  The name appears in the Bonjour drop-down menu of Safari (so, the disk advertises its services through bonjour).  But if I click on it, the URL is:


And nothing happens…  Does the adverized URL correct ?

I tried to connect via the IP, but nothing there.

How do I get the admin web interface, if neither bonjour or the default IP address works ?


If you updated to mountain lion check if you have any firmware updates available.