WD Warranty is a joke

I have bought WD and HGST drives almost exclusively for many years, and I’ve finally had the misfortune of having to RMA a bad drive. I’ve had this 750gb Black in my laptop for a few years now, and recently I started getting messages regarding bad blocks, then it died shortly after. Since the blacks supposedly have a 5 year warranty, I opened an RMA and paid to sent it in. i just had it returned and rejected due to “Tampering”. I don’t understand, as it was never touched, and all the tamper seals are intact. I guess WD just looks for any excuse not to stand by their products. Pretty disappointed, and would have put the $7 or whatever it was in shipping towards buying a new drive if I’d know they were so poor.

So, expect your warranty to be useless with any WD product.


I recommend you contact WD support directly for this.
They will help you with this issue.