WD VelociRaptor Reliability

I had 2 WD Raptors running in Raid 0 for the longest time. A few months ago I had to have them replaced because one of them failed completely. WD replaced both of them so I would have 2 of the same drives. (Very generous!) The replacements were an upgrade to VelociRaptors HLFS series drives

Now one of the replacement drives is faiiling. The drive is making an awful scratching noise, but still allows me to boot into Windows. I have requested an advanced RMA. They are replacing just the failied drive this time. I have also created an image using Windows built in imager and another image using Paragon (just to be safe)

My warranty for the original drives expires December of this year. Of course now I have an uneasy feeling about the current drive thats fine, and the replacement drive that is coming. I thought these were server rated drive with 1.4 mtbf? I don’t get that impression. Any thoughts or feedback regarding these "server/workstation grade drives? I am only running a home desktop computer that is off most of the time unlike a server or workstation.

Hi, the replacement hard drive will always have a 90 day warranty, more than enough time for you to notice any errors or run any test that you want. Check the link below for more info.