WD VelociRaptor No longer recognized

Hello All,

 So about 3 hours ago I turned on my PC when I got home from work, browsed the internet, then decided to play some games(brand new gaming PC i put together).I clicked on my Steam desktop icon and nothing loaded. I tried to do this with a few other programs and the same thing happened. I decided to restart the PC to see if it would rectify the problem, but it hung on the blue shutting down screen you see before the PC shuts down. I then forced a power down, and when I booted up again, it took Windows 7 about 3 minutes to load up when it usually takes 20 seconds (my boot drive is an SSD). When I went into My Computer, my 150 gb velociraptor was no longer listed in the drives section.

  In device manager the drive shows up and says it is working properly. I thought this was strange so I went into Disk Management to see if I could reallocate or initiallize the thing again, but when I got into disk management it describes the Disk as Disk 1 > Unknown > Not Initialized. Upon trying to re-initialize the drive, an error message pops up saying Access is Denied.

I’m guessing this thing is shot, but what can I do to rectify this. I am going to try unplugging and plugging in the sata power and data cables first to see if that makes a difference.

 Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



You can try new sata cables, also try to install the drive in a different computer. Otherwise you will need to contact WD for replacement.