WD VelociRaptor 1 TB SATA Hard Drives ( WD1000DHTZ)

This drive has a SATA 6 gbs interface.

Is this SATA 6gbs interface compatible with SATA 3 gbs ?

In other words can you connect this drive with a SATA 3 gbs cable ?

Hi yes it will work on sata 3 G/bs depending on the controller you may have to use the jumper to put it in sata 2 mode. I use it on a intel ich10r controller and it does not need the jumper.

Thank you for the reply and help.

I don’t now about the controller but I have a Asus P5Q3 deluxe MB and I want to replace my 300 GB  Velociraptor WD 3000GLFS with a  1 TB Velociraptor WD1000DHTZ  using the same sata cable and the same powe cable used on that old 300 GB version ?

So using the same cables and the same computer this is possible ?

Hi yes it will work fine.