WD Utility won't Recognize my WD Elements

Hello. I have recently formatted my WD Elements and now I would live to add password protection but WD Utility doesn’t recognize my Drive.

Please help. Thank you.


Unfortunately, WD Elements doesn’t support WD Security for password protection. You may try using third party protection tool to password protect the drive.

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Thank you for your post. So WD Elements can’t be password protected with any WD security softwares? I wonder why? and also what 3rd party can you recommend?

Because the WD Elements range is designed and sold as just ‘Basic Storage’ and does have any Software or Hardware encryption which adds to cost.

If you need WD password protection then you should have pruchased the more expensive My Passports or My Books.

Basically, you get what you pay for.

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Can you recommend a third party application that I can use to password protct my WD Elements?

No sorry, i’ve never used password protection on any of my hard drives ever.

If you use Mac OSX, it comes with drive encryption with password. Use the Diskutil app.