WD USB 3 Host Controller Driver installation salls

Windows 7 64 bit  /  PCIe USB 3 Host Controller WDBFNJ0000NNC-00

The installation software for this USB 3 add-in circuit card stalls half way through the ‘Preparing to install’ routine of the host controller driver.

All virus and malware protection  OFF, and all automatically loaded startup programs OFF . Copied installer from CD to desktop, same results.

We bought a dozen of these cards and this failure is prevnting further installations and use of new USB 3 hardware. Help is very much appreciated - IM

Did you try loading the drivers from WD’s site? Sounds to me you have a MB 3.0 since that’s the only one that comes with a 3.0 card…

PizzaMatrix - Thanks for your help. I can’t find the product on either the WD site, or download page. Nothing happens on a search for the part numbe r(WDBFNJ0000NNC-WASN)?

On WD’s site the part number of the card is treated as “accessory” and won’t show up, did you try with the model/part number of the physical drive that came with the card?