WD unlocker

so i got my hard drive and i formatted it and lost all the programs put on there all ready. now i can not get my password off of the device. can anyone email me on solutions to get the password off?



I think this information could be good


its not that i need to get a password on it. the WD smartware icon i gone becuase i formatted the drive. i need to get the password off the drive becuase at my school i do not have permission to run the unlocker and becuase of the unlocker i cannot use it on my xbox360.

Download either of these files and extract in desktop. Copy everything in to your drive. If Windows, it is 465MB. Mac 181MB. Unlock tools are in the folders.

My Passport Drive Contents: Windows


My Passport Drive Contents: Mac


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thank you. that is exactly what i needed. any chance you know a program that can also convert it to a FAT32? Xbox360 is not NTFS friendly.

You can use this free FAT32 formatter to format partitions up to 2TB. Personally I don’t like anyone using My Passport for FAT32 applications. I have seen so many complaints on this forum in regards to FAT32 with Passport. My best advice is to use cheap USB drive for XBox  application.


So instead of using FAT32 on the passport I should get what application

vemo-kurosaki wrote:
So instead of using FAT32 on the passport I should get what application

Would care to explain this litte bit more…