WD Unlocker freezes after password entered. Unable to access files

Good Morning,

I am hoping someone can advise: I was transferring files onto my MyPassport HDD (after entering my password to access the contents of the HDD) and after a short while I noticed the images/videos would no longer display an image and rather just a generic file image (such as MAC Preview). As i could no longer organise the images/videos into sub folders, i ejected the external HDD. After a short while as my laptop re-charged, i attempted to continue organising my files, only this time, after entering my password, the HDD would not unlock, rather it would do nothing for a couple mins before automatically closing the WD Unlocker. I have since not been able to gain access to the contents of my HDD.

Has anyone encountered this problem and found a successful solution?

Many thanks in advance

You can install WD Security on your computer from the WD Support website and try to unlock the drive to access the data. Link for the WD Security is given below.

WD Security for Windows:

WD Security for Mac:

Thank you for providing the link. Apparently no volume is found? Can you please confirm what this means and if the data that was on the Hard Drive is now lost?

Is your hard drive the same size it was before this problem occurred? As of now you are unable to login by providing the correct password to your drive right? What file system your HDD has and what macOS you are using?