WD Ultra My Passport -

Having problems with this & decided to UNINSTALL & Reinstall… BUT regret that I do not really understand the various different instructions given on WD pages & do not want to make mistake…Having carried out DEVICE PERFORMANCE & HEALTH check I get …Windows Update No Issues & same reply for Storage capacity + the suggested action to DEVICE DRIVER (1 or more drivers may not be working properly so Run the Hardware & Devices Trouble shooter…after the run it then sez looking for missing driver … and NOW SEZ Is a problem with Driver, & Reinstalling it advised… Therefore, looking at your SOFTWARE for WINDOWS list, which one do I need - WD Access / Arkeia Neetwork Backup/ WD Backup Drive Utilities / Security / Smartware…N:B Basically of course I was looking for WD BACKUP MANAGER which came up automatically when my Ultra was loaded out of box…as MANAGER produces the Setting Requirements files list to copy…
Hope you can soon point me at the answer!

You do not need any software in order to use your Passport drive. It will be seen within Windows Explorer for manual file management (Copy/Paste) by default.

You can install WD Backup to enable automatic backup features, WD Security for encryption, and WD Drive Utilities for drive management. This is all optional.

Hi Trancer & thanks for prompt reply… sorry to say I am no teckie and have had difficulty in carry out the procedures, however I can summaries as…

I think I clicked on WD Restore instead of Back up, and outcome is that on the WD DRIVE listing I have showing :

WD Apps for Windows WD Backup.swstor WD_Backup_1.8.63 12.22156 WD Apps Setup

and when I click on WD_Backup_1.8.63 12.22156 the NAME Files Titles shown are

manifest & WD Backup.

However when I click on to open the BACKUP, a WD screen image shows up as

‘WD Backup Setup’ with the Heading -


WD Backup is up to date

Note: Don’t worry none of your files will be deleted…etc ’

So I natch click on Cancel. As obviously I have gone wrong somewhere !

Therefore I cannot get to WD MANAGER / Back Up Plan etc

So hoping you have come across this situation before , and are able to assist me… Thanks in advance

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You should contact WD support regarding this: