WD Ultra 3TB - Not Accessible!

Hi, I’ve not had my Ultra that long and had lots of media, films and photos stored on it from my PC that I could access via my Samsung TV without any problems when plugging it into it.

I took it to my friends house at the weekend to plug into his brand new LG OLED TV where it failed to recognize the hard drive and therefore unable to access it.

I’ve just plugged it back into my PC and it now says it cannot be accessed and has changed the name of the drive to simply “Local Disc”.
The message states “The disk structure is corrupted and unreadable”

Please tell me I haven’t lost everything on the hard drive!!
I don’t know what to do.


I believe the partition is corrupted. I recommend you try formatting the drive in order to use it again. This will delete all data stored on it but it will allow you to use the drive again,.

If you need to recover the data stored on the drive then I recommend you try using a data recovery software.

Ok so I used a data recovery software suggested to me and managed to recover a good 80% of my media. I then did a “quick format” of the hard drive so that I could place all the media back onto it - which worked successfully.

However, when I now plug into the Samsung TV it comes up the folders of what’s on there but I’d say over 50% are empty for some reason. When I plug into a PC they are all there to see but it’s only when I plug into the TV they disappear and some of the ones on there don’t even play or can’t be opened. So weird.

This may or may not be relevant but does it make a big difference if the hard drive was “quick formatted” or “fully formatted”? It’s the only thing I can now think of.