WD UI / Media feels dim or not bright enough

So I just got my WD TV Live  few days ago, brand new, latest firmware, etc. Connected through HDMI 1.3 cable to phillips 40" 240hz tv. 

What I noticed first when i connected it was that the interface seemed dim, like not enough brightness and contrast. Even clips i stream via network or off usb feel dark. just overall seems dull. Even with complete darkness at night, it feels dull, no way to watch with day light from one window.  Anyone else have this issue or solution of what it can be?

(I did try different connection hdmi1/2/3 as well as different hdmi cable and a 32" LG 1080p tv all same thing). 

You can try going into the WD audio/video setup and manually set the color space value. Select HDMI and set the resolution/frequency to something that your TV supports (such as 1080i, 60hz). On the next screen you can set the color space. For most TVs using the HDMI input, RGB Low is the correct choice, however, with your symptoms, RGB High might work better for you.