WD TV welcome/Menu screen not appearing on TV screen

I returned my first WD TV to singopore (RMA) and now have a new unit.  P/N: WD00AVP-00

However the same problem exists.

Connection to my SANYO LCD-32R8DA  with HDMI 1.3 and Composite cables is not working.

I have yet to see the WD welcome screen on the TV.

I have tried all the HDMI ports (3) and Composite ports (2) with appropriate selection of input on TV.

I have WD passport 60GB  connected to player.

The WD TV indicates the it is on and that USB is recognised

(steady LED)

The TV is on ‘screen saver’.

Can an expert explain what i am NOT doing correctly.

Have read numerous post on several WD forums and the best I can find is the idea to ‘trim’ the HDMI connection end to promote a better connection to WD TV.

Thankyou for reading.


Found the solution  To save those searching all day as I have done check this link out