WD TV Remote App for Android

Confusion abounds… I searched but havent been able to find a straightforward answer.   Can I control my wd tv live plus gen 2 ( WDBAAN0000NBK ) running firmware 1.06.16b box via the android wdtv remote app?

Also, is this the latest firmware release at the moment?

No, and yes.

Well the reviews in the Google play store indicate that the Android App worked on the WD TV Live & WD TV Live Plus until the last update.

I know it didn’t work when they first released the app, but it seems they added support for the older Live models and then broke it again.

So hopefully they will fix it.

The app is ready for it.

WD release firmware a few months ago that did include it, but the firmware was so poorly received that WD pulled it.

Folks are waiting for a new release

Ah so the App is compatible but the WD TV Live requires to be updated to the Firmware that they have currently pulled. So once the re-release the new firmware, the Remote app should work, correct?

That’s my understanding, yes.

Thanks for confirming.

I’m going to be in catch 22 situation, since I have lost the original remote and I’m sure that I would need a remote to carryout the update which would then allow me to use the Android phone to be used as the remote.

Oh well, looks like I will need to sping $10 for a remote from Ebay.