WD TV Play apps /Netflix not working even though connected to new internet service

Hoping someone can help.  I recently had xfinity change my router/ wifi out with their all in one.  So now I have a new wifi passwork and ip address etc.  WD Play was working fine until this.  All my computers and kindle have hooked up to the wifi no problem and stream netflix and every other app or service. I cannot get Netflix, Youtube or any other app to work now with the wdtv.  It shows that it’s connected, all boxes checked and the current time is displayed.  Even my app on my phone for the remote doesn’t work. I have reset the box and unplugged etc.  Any ideas? HELP


I would recommend a full reset of your WD TV Play in order to clear any conflicts related to previous configurations, then manually configuring network settings that better suit your current router. Please visit the following links for additional information: