WD TV Not remembering NAS path


I’ve just upgraded my WD TV to the latest version and for the most part love it. I stream movies from my Synology NAS to the TV in the lounge room and it performs as well as we need it to, but for one small issue.

I’ve mapped folders from my NAS to the home screen on the WD TV - so on the home screen I see “Home Movies, TV Series, Movies” etc. I found this to be a great feature of the new WD TV as it saves me (and more importantly, my wife!) from searching for the server…video folder…then Movies/TV Series.  Trouble is,  each time I resart my entertainment system, I have to look for the server and applicable folders all over again.

I used fixed IP addresses from my router to all my WiFi equipment (server, WD TV, etc), but is there something I’ve missed?



not sure if this helps …

but did you add those media sources via the Network Source Management and then created the ‘Shortcuts’ to the Home Screen ?

Media Library must be ‘on’ of course

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Thanks for the quick response Joey, that seems to have done the trick.