WD TV Not picking up any network shares

WDTV has always been tempramental for me. A few months ago it was working fine. Then suddenly iut starts asking for passwords that I dont have. And now it just cant even find my PC at all. device is hardwired to my router and I can see the wdtvon my network. My files are shared with ‘everybody’. I dont know what to do…this device takes way too much effort to get (and stay) working.  

You’ve posted about this problem in two different products’ sections. 

Which product do you actually have?

oh dfid I? 

I have the WDTV Live 

I factory reset last night and also turned of homegroup and it seemed to find my pc again. I want to try again today to make sure this works solidly. 

spacecandi wrote:

I have the WDTV Live 

Right – but which one?  (There are four of them.)

The section this post is in is the “WD TV” media player – No “lives” here. :wink:

oh ok thanks

I’ll keep this thread alive.  I upgraded from the original WDTV Live from years ago to the latest version.  The first 2 weeks of having the latest gave me no problems at all when it comes to streaming.  Within the last 10 days it’s been telling me it’s having trouble finding the content source.  From what I’m aware I haven’t changed anything in my settings.  I went back into my shared folder and “reshared” them, and I’m still getting that notice that the sources can’t be found.  Right now the only way to play anything is through my MLB.TV account (so streaming and internet connection are obviously fine) and connecting the media hard drive to the player (which is a pain going back and forth between the player and my PC).

Anyone have any suggestions?  One day everything was working just fine.  A couple days later nothing worked.