WD TV not detected by Sony Bravia via HDMI

I just recently bought a WD TV and it’s working fine with the composite cables.  But when connecting it via HDMI, the TV cannot detect it.  I’ve seen a similar post about this although nothing has been resolved, I am hoping that people out there have resolved this issue.

I’ve tried reseting the WD TV, switching HDMI ports on TV, testing whether the HDMI cable is working or not, manually putting WD TV on HDMI 1080 mode then removing the composite cables right away, making sure that both Sony Bravia and WD TV are having the latest firmware.  Any ideas on how to resolve this?  Thanks.

I have exactly the same problem!  Bought my WD HD TV today (gen 2) and connected it to my Sony Bravia KDL-32 EX403 via HDMI and nothing!  Works fine through component - but that defeats the object of having a HD media player!

TV and Media player updated to current firmware.

Any ideas…anyone…???


I had this problem with my Sony Bravia, too.

Try to set the TV to the input where WD TV is connected and switch the TV off and on using the switch at the TV, not the remote.

Make sure that the TV is completely switched off (standby LED must be off).

WD TV must be switched on during that time.

Worked for me but the problem returns sometimes.

Possibly a Firmware bug.

Thanks for the advice Andi but tried this and still nothing… really frustrating!  Seen other threads about the same problem without ever seeing a definitve answer to the problem.

C’mon WD sort out the problem!

I’ve noticed that with the HDMI input you need a cable that doesn’t have too large of a plastic  “head”. That seems to inhibit a good connection. I had this problem and used a razor blade exacto knife and trimmed a little off the edge of the plastic. It goes into the hdmi slot just a little bit more (we’re really talking one or two millimeters) and have never had this issue since.

Try this.  

  1. Turn TV off on the unit (use the power switch on your Bravia set, not the remote). (and see below, I’d suggest before turning it off, set the input to the HDMI input where you have the cable box plugged in. NOTE: on my Bravia, I had the cable box hooked to HDMI 1, pressed  Input to select HDMI 1, and it did not say “no signal” but rather just showed a black, blank and soundless screen).  

  2.  Unplug Bravia set.

  3.  Wait 30 sec.

  4. Plug Bravia set back in.

  5.  Push power button on the Bravia set, and keep your finger on it pressed in - hold for 10 seconds. 

I had my  Bravia “input” set to HDMI, where my cable box was hooked up, and presto, about 8 seconds into holding the switch the HDMI input was recognized and the cable was on. Note also, my cable box was powered on the entire time as well. 

Now we’ll see if this “sticks.” 

Found this solution buried elsewhere but alot of people had a “Eureka” moment so I decided to try it.  I messed it up a couple of times due to vague instructions there, but the above is exactly the steps to follow.