Wd tv mini

I have just started using this player and it seems that my plasma tv doesnt support the video modes of the player.

this player only has composite output and my tv in composite out only supports 480p. this mode is available on the player but only in ntsc format we here have pal format .

can I fix this problem or do i have to buy another player

I am having a not disimilar problem. Having returned one WD HD TV Mini to Amazon because the HDMI port stopped working on 2nd day, I have received a replacement and the HDMI doesn’t work again. My 47" Philips Plasma 1080p TV simply shows “unsupported video format” when connected to the WD HD via HDMI. Doesn’t matter what TV parameters I change (even did a software update for my TV) it WILL NOT work.

Composite works fine, but of course simply does not playback, nor display HD home videos, or large format (digital camera) photos. Have heard nothing from WD, so will have no choice but to return (yet again) this device. It’s a shame as it ticked-all-the-boxes and I mostly use WD HDD - but this is rubbish. Or a bad batch. I just don’t know. Anyone else having similar issues?

@ daddy9au

Did you ever get your questions answered?

@ Tonique

The WD TV Mini does not have an HDMI port.  Are you sure you are not talking about the WD TV HD?  Concerning the home videos, not all codecs are supported for video cameras or digital cameras.  You may need to check what video codecs your camera uses.  Mediainfo is a free download utility on the internet that can tell you if you’re using supported codecs for your video camera.