WD TV Mini Media Player: does not play all hddivx.avi file

The movie file for e.g. might be 1.3gb and will play on the tv up to a certain point. Then it stops and goes to the next movie file. I need to play the rest of the movie on the MAC. The same thing happens to much smaller files sometimes. Very annoying

It plays movie files of less than 1gb with no problems. 


This issue happens with all the files type?

Yep…same problem here…

Avi videos bigger than 1.2 Gb  stop playing about 20 min, before the end of the movie :cry:

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Same happened to me.

Does WD going to solve this out or they do not care ?


The answer of Wd is that the problem is GCM that is nor suported by XVID 


the files I Have problem has:

Format_Settings_GMC/String : No warppoints

Thats means GMC is off ???

just an excuse ?

Please, comment.


Sorry  about tardy reply. No trouble playing DVD format. I have been told today that I need to really get a HD TV with HDMI and a media player to go with this or I can reformat the files with the appropriate software  to MPEG 4 for example. Finances are a b it stretched at the moment.

Has anyone out there got a solution on how to get the WD TV mini to play AVI’s that are longer than 1.5GB  the whole way through.PLEASE HELP!!!