WD TV Live


I can’t open movies that are in a iso image. If i am on the video menu (WD TV life, FW 2.01.86) ist doesn’t show the folder with the iso movie.

Is that not supported?

It need a lot of time to unpack all iso files!

Thanks a lot!!!


With that FW version, you are using the newer WD Live Streaming Media Player, not the Live or Live Plus. Hopefully a mod will move your question to the correct forum: 


That said, you should have no problem playing ISO files on any of the WD media players. The majority of my collection is in that format.

Good Luck


Keep in mind, though, that ISO is not generally supported via DLNA media serves, only network shares or local storage.

Hi Pearl, Hi Tony

thanks! the problem is not on the WD TV live, because on a memorystick it can read the iso movie. I did on my WD EX4 nas mount a iso, and can connect to it.


have a nice weekend!