Wd tv live wont start up

hi,just got wd live hd media player. When i switch it on the unit wont go past the wd logo screen. Remote does nothing, reset does nothing, all that is happening is power light is constantly flashing(dont know if this is normal as never had it working). Just wondered if anyone has any ideas? thanks

Is it flashing in the pattern of three LONG, three SHORT, three LONG?

If so, the unit has detected a hardware failure and needs to be exchanged.

hi,thanks for reply. No its just continous short flashes. Im guessing its still the same outcome that the unit is faulty.

had the same problem, i considered to buy a new one but desided to give it one more try :

disconnect everything puss the reset button 10 sec. put in a usbstick with the latest firmware even if its the one from 2009

connect everything and than i saw the same logoscreen but after i pressed the off button on the remote it suddenly started to install the firmware again and ET VOILLA it worked again

good luck