WD TV Live won't play AVI (Mpeg4 v2)

My WD TV Live plays every format I have thrown at t so far but will not play AVI that Quicktime says are “MS-MPEG4 v2 decoder”.

Firmware 1.02.19

Any advice appreciated

You can always convert such a file (or any such file) to a format the Live will play with (freeware) ffmepg.

It’s a command line driven interface, but the command to convert most videos is simple.  I’d use:

ffmpeg -i video_to_convert.avi -sameq video_new.mpg

That ought to do it (of course there are many other options and you may or may not run into audio problems as well – ffmpeg will allow you to convert that stream at the same time but first see if all it needs is the video stream fixed).