Wd tv live won't find my network shares.. and problems playing x.264


I’ve installed my new wd tv live today, and assumed it was pretty easy :stuck_out_tongue:

anyways. Ive set it up with a DWA140 wireless adapter, which works fine. Can use youtube … update firmware etc.

When ive shared some folders on my computer, which is connected to the wireless router, via cable, nothing appears via wdtvlive. It does find my “shared documents tho” … and the demo vids etc which is there by default … if i put anything else in the same folders it doesnt appear.

Should UPnP be enabled on my router?  … doesnt seem to make any difference tho…

Tried various settings from guids, forums… nothing seems to work.  Or is it just better to use TVersity … ?

What does work is TVersity , somehow :stuck_out_tongue:

It can play off anything, except x.264 it seems. Why is that?

Need to convert it to something else (if so, how :)    … or can it just be renamed to something else.

Might be me doing something wrong, but i cant find anymore options. Im pretty new to this, help is appriciated :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forums.

You say the “live won’t find my network shares” but then you go on to say it does find your shared documents?  So you’re saying it doesn’t fine the *other* network shares, correct?  What OS are you running?

If you are running Win 7/Vista you should add “everyone” to your shares, and turn off the password.  If you updated your firmware you also need to reset the unit back to factory conditions (because it has problems with shares otherwise) and clear your auto logins.  Then reset up your network and try your shares again.