WD TV Live won't connect to internet


I just bought the new WD TV Live media player and it won’t connect to the internet.  It shows my wireless netowrk in the available wireless networks screen but after I enter my password it says “Wireless Network Not Found - Please make sure that you have entered the wireless network name and password correctly”.  

I have the old WD TV Live Plus and it connects to the same netowrk without any issues.  I actually re-setup my old box just to make sure and it connected without any problems.

I have read through the forums and surfed the web for answers but can’t find anything.

I have:

 - checked and rechecked the password

 - updated the latest firmware

 - done a factroy reset

Connecting directly to my ethernet is not an option and it shouldn’t have to be since the old box connects wirelessly.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.  :)



Oh, and I’m on a Mac.

I just turned off the security for our wireless network and it connected!  Of course, I can’t keep it like this.


The network can be a bit shady with the old firmware versions, might depend on the router. Try to download new firmware and installing it manually via the USB-port. Just put the extracted files on the root of the USB-device and put it in, you’ll know what to do next.

Yeah, tried that. I’m using the latest firmware.

Since I was able to connect with no password protection on my wifi I’m sure it has something to do with my wifi setting on the Mac.