WD TV Live + WD My Passport and Mac folder share

Hi guys,

I recently bought a WD TV Live and i love it so far, it plays everything i throw at it so far and the remote is great.

Now the problem i’m facing is that when i leave the WD TV Live for a long time the WD My Passport goes to sleep.

When i want to start playing from the HD it just cant wake up the HD so what could be done to remedy this? pulling in and out the HD every time is sily and will also wear down the connector so i’m hoping there is a way to solve this.

Hopefully someone can provide an answer.

My second problem i havent been able to solve is this: on my mac i share a folder which i want WD TV Live to access but it wont let me. On the Mac i do choose SMB to be used for the folder in question. WD TV Live can see my Mac but when i try to input the user/password it give me an error and stop there. Has anyone succeeded with this?

I would really appreciate a video or step by step guide if you have.


Anyone having these issues or know how to solve them?

Surely with so many users there must be someone :robotwink:

Ok this is getting annoying, the HD connected to the device dissapears when left alone over night, there must be someone with this problem!!! And more importanly isnt WD reading these forums?

Any solution in sight?

Just called them up on their support phone number and for problem1 (HD problem), they just say there is no way and HD goes to sleep and thats how it works which is sort of annoying. I mean if the pc goes to sleep it can still wake up the HD so why cant WD TV Live do that? i’m guessing this is just a matter of software update but it seems they are reluctant do to anything about it. This makes me choose another brand for my next HD purchase, one that dont go to deep sleep or can be enabled/disabled atleast.

On problem2 (OSX folder sharing), they say after Lion the feature dont work since Apple has changed the protocol and that i can understand a bit. Even though i hope WD update the software to support mountain lion in the future.

To be fair, WD representative gave me a private message and called me up for my issues.

For the wakeup problem they said they will forward it to the developers and hopefully it will be fixed in future firmware updates.

For the folder sharing in OSX i got a tips (not official solution but a workaround so do it on your own risk)


This might be solved later but not sure as of today.

Thanks WD for taking the time to call me and help me.

If you noticed that solution given by WD is exactly 2 years old today so I would not hold out much hope of them implementing anything in the near future. 

Yes i noticed, the thing is i dont think it did say on the box it supports OSX mountain lion which is why i’m a bit more forgiving on that issue. Although on the webpage (and in the manual) it only says as below without any specific, but further down in  the manual it does says only Leopard+ Snow Leopard support.

But i agree it is a bit missleading when you say

Enjoy media from any source.

Stream videos, music, and photos from your USB drive, network drive, and any PC or Mac® computer in your home. Our media library collects the content from all the drives, so finding the perfect video, song, or photo to view is easier.

My biggest issue now is the HD which goes to sleep and every night when i want to use it i have to plug it out and in. This should not be the case, just dont understand they have not fixed it already.

I run mountain lion to. I don’t bother sharing a folder/s as it has always been unreliable or simply to slow. Plus the mac has to be awake. I have a portable USB HDD connected directly to the WD Live and then transfer files across to it from the Mac. I can see the drive in Finder under shared locations. A recent issue I have been having sounds similar. The device now shuts down after a period of non use. It never did this. I have had one for overa year with no issue. 

Even when the device is off I could still see the HDD and transfer files. Now it has to be on. I am having an issue where it takes ages to turn on then has to gather the file info again.

I don’t know if it an issue with the device or they have a dodgy firmware upgrade as all this issues started at the same time

I don’t want me media player to go to speel or turn off!


“I don’t want me media player to go to speel or turn off!”

Yes this is my biggest concern right now, so annoying that i have to put the HD in and out each day.