Wd tv live & wd my book live 2 tb meta data youtube trailers

okay,  start off my saying i have a wd my book live personal cloud 2 tb and a wd tv live streaming media player.   

let’s say i have the a movie called “blair witch” on a usb when i put the usb into the wd my tv live the meta data of the movie aloing with a youtube option to watch the trailer would also be available to me.  is there a way to do this with the nas because right now on how it is set up there is no option.  

i called wd and asked them because i recently purchased a 3 tb some other drive and it seriously bothered me that i could not watch the trailer on the nas.  the customer of the other nas company said that the nas could download the info and it should work as a usb with the youtube trailer.  yet it didnt .  so i called up the company i bought it from returned it and payed 30 dollars more for 1 tb less of space for a wd brand thinking it would work because they said it would.  

so far it has not.  i called again today. the woman on the other end of the phone said once again that it could in fact be done but she could only help me so much since it was sunday and the other office is closed.

i was reading online on my phone and i was reading that it could not be done.  when i see the file and click options a menu usually pops up with options to copy delete and to view the youtube trailer as happens with the usb.   with the nas i do not get nearly as many options as i do with the usb.

so is there anyone out there that could help me with this dilemma of being told it can be done by the tech support team of wd and tiger direct and then reading online that it can not in fact be done.  

thank you in advance. 

ps i also have all the current updates for my router wd tv live sreaming media player and as well as my nas.  thank you

This could be done with a custom theme

not sure if the same way you want but you can have trailers with the videos on a custom theme

try the theme’s forum or pm some of the experts over there

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Hi again. I had no idea u could theme the wd device. I themed my ps2 with an SPS themes which I take are sort of the same thing.

I am on a cell phone most of the time. Is there any one specific u would suggest for the YouTube video view? I will try and continue to look. I see some really nice themes. I’m not sure if they all support YouTube. Sorry. Thank you.

i found a theme but i can not find the youtube video option

it shouldn’t matter what theme you use or what NAS you own. how are you selecting videos on your NAS?

in order for it to work the Media Library function needs to be on (sounds like it is since it works for your USB drive) and you need to add the shares from your NAS to the Media Library.

go to System->Setup->Media Library->Media Library Manager for Network Shares

then just add your shares there, it will scan and compile the library and you should see your new options as soon as it’s done.


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Ah thank you. I do see the IMDb data. I have a lot of videos. It took over 24 hours to even get them on the NAS. I thought that I could just hit info and it would automatically do it as a USB. I am thinking that maybe I should keep the wd device on while it scans the media to get the trailer. Or does it work even though it is off cause the lights are still on. I really appreciate u helping me. I’ll let u know if it works.

Ps I don’t like how u can not delete a post u made.

Not sure how to delete this post.

Sorry. I am on my phone. I appreciate the time u r taking to answer my question. The folders were selected. I am just waiting for the YouTube trailer option to come back. I wander how long it will take to finish? Thank you again. I will keep u posted.

It still does not work. I see the info the IMDb info yet when I click on the movie I only see the options of Move Copy Delete Add media to library and Select Multiple.

Only option

That is by going into video’s then the private folder where they are located then in then in the folders by genre click on that I get a. Description yet no YouTube option.

So I had an hour phone call with wd level 4 tech support to try ans figure out this problem. He said he never heard of anyone calling about this problem and they will try and replicate the scenario. I guess there is no.script written in the device to be able to watch the YouTube trailers of the videos on the NAS. Anyways. Thank you all. He took my number and said they will call me by Friday to maybe get more info to write it in the software. Thank you.